The Hidden

Private Detective Alan Walker has a unique gift for solving crimes.

“The Hidden” was filmed on a Panasonic GH5 using Rokinon Lenses, lit with Aputure lights, and graded using FilmConvert.

This short film is a proof of concept for a feature film which has already been scripted. It was intended to test out the cadence of dialogue, makeup techniques, lighting effects, and the merging of neo noir and horror.

The film stars Thomas Nicholson, Zakiah Dumansky, Bruce Blain, and Mark James. We shot during Covid and worked within a Covid Safe Plan.

The shooting crew was light, including only Rene Claveau, Nathaniel Fast, Johanna Mintz, Vladimir Fedulov and myself. We were all masked and did everything possible to maintain social distancing.

“The Hidden” was also made with the cooperation of UBCP/ACTRA. Casting services provided by Mitribe Media.