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The video I concepted, produced, directed, and edited for Somna and Haliene’s song Secret has been released! The video was photographed by the talented Leonardo Harim and his wonderful camera crew in a single day at the Galbraith Manor in New Westminster near Vancouver. We used a Sony Venice camera and Altas Orion anamorphic lenses to bring the video to life!



Drawn to You

The video I concepted and directed for Somna and BLÜ EYES song “Drawn to You” has premiered. The video was funded via a grant from Telus Storyhive!

You can watch it below!

Scion Trailer

The trailer for “Scion” has gone live!

Two people find themselves hostage to man looking for a legendary item of utmost importance.
Scion stars Jonathan Latham, Mark James, and Isabella St Claire.

You can watch it on YouTube:

Or Vimeo:




“Stained” is intended to be the lasting guilt and scars that trauma brings to those who experience it.

The Toronto International Film Fest has a 1 minute Instagram film competition. I heard about it last Thursday and the deadline for entries was the following Monday at midnight EST.

On Friday I thought of this then wrote it, storyboarded it, cast it, and crewed it. On Sunday we shot it and then began editing. By Monday afternoon I had picture lock and was knee deep in color correction.

With 10 minutes to spare it was submitted into the competition.

“Stained” stars local actors Andrea Vawda, Mark James, and Blazhena Leigh.

Camera by award winning photographer Marc Boily

Music and Sound, by Marc Straight.


It is incredible what you can do when you are self motivated and working with people who feel the same.