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“Stained” is intended to be the lasting guilt and scars that trauma brings to those who experience it.

The Toronto International Film Fest has a 1 minute Instagram film competition. I heard about it last Thursday and the deadline for entries was the following Monday at midnight EST.

On Friday I thought of this then wrote it, storyboarded it, cast it, and crewed it. On Sunday we shot it and then began editing. By Monday afternoon I had picture lock and was knee deep in color correction.

With 10 minutes to spare it was submitted into the competition.

“Stained” stars local actors Andrea Vawda, Mark James, and Blazhena Leigh.

Camera by award winning photographer Marc Boily

Music and Sound, by Marc Straight.


It is incredible what you can do when you are self motivated and working with people who feel the same.

Newmerico Pitch Video

Every year Telus supports filmmakers with the opportunity to compete for 1 of 40 $10,000 short film grants. Our entry this year is for a film called “Newmerico”

Newmerico tells the story of a couple who wake up to discover that the country they live in has been sold to a multinational company known as the Pan-Atlantic Northern Conglomerate. At their door is Scott Holmes, one of the hired “Transition Specialists” whos job it is to speak with each household and put them at ease, while supplying them with their new identification documents and answering questions about their place in what is now know as Newmerico.

For the project to secure one of these production grants, people must vote for the project at:

Voting goes from April 3rd to April 6th and you are able to vote for up to 5 projects each day. We would love your support to put Newmerico into full production!


Cameras and Equipment

At FrontlineFire Films we have a full 4K production suite. Starting with both Panasonic Lumix GH4 and GH5 cameras as well as a full array of lenses and filters. The cameras may be mounted inside a cage with a focus wheel, shotgun microphone, and a field monitor. The lens suite covers the range from 12mm to 175mm (24mm to 350mm full frame equivalent).

As well we have a heavy duty iFootage tripod with Manfrotto head. A Kamerar slider and shoulder mount, as well as a Steadicam for smooth handheld tracking shots.

We also have a full Aputure Amaran lighting kit with 4 LED lights and light stands as well as a dual color and very bright Aputure Lightstorm LS-1

The most recent addition is a Mavic Pro Platinum Drone with filters and accessories. This drone also shoots in 4K and matches well with the rest of the production equipment.

Production and editing may be done on the go with a laptop with a 4K display.

Check out some photos of the gear!

Jetlag Film Festival Award Winner

In its film festival run, “Jetlag” has won four awards and has been an official selection of six festivals. Most recently it won Best Romance Film in the monthly Oniros Film Awards. It was also nominated for Best Short and Best Cinematography in the same competition. “Jetlag” will complete its festival run in summer of 2018!