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“Scion” is a new short film that is currently in post production here at FrontlineFire Films. Filmed over two days on Vancouver Island in August, “Scion” tells the story of an intruder demanding his target reveal the secret hiding place of an item of utmost importance.

“Scion” stars Vancouver actors Jonathan Latham, Mark James, and Isabella St Clair.



Watch Jetlag Here

As it has completed its festival run, you can now watch my first short film, Jetlag on Vimeo!

Jetlag sprung from pure desire to make a film. I didn’t care if it was the best idea or the most perfect concept, I just wanted to make something, anything that taught me how to make a movie and get it completed.

To do that I knew I’d have to take on the task of writing a short film, building the story around material and a location I had available to me. While I had directed animation before, live action presented a substantial set of challenges.

I was concerned about recording audio in a less than ideal situation, so I paired the story’s dialogue down as thin as I possibly could. I also had to learn how best to diffuse and reflect light to flatter the performers, while operating on a very thin budget

Making the film was an incredible learning experience, personally taking on the challenges of screenwriting, prep, photography, direction, editing, post production, and even music licensing.

I was supported by a fantastic crew of people who mostly volunteered their time and helped me when I needed it most. From script to screen I’m very proud of the work we all put in.

I hope you enjoy watching it!

Newmerico Pitch Video

Every year Telus supports filmmakers with the opportunity to compete for 1 of 40 $10,000 short film grants. Our entry this year is for a film called “Newmerico”

Newmerico tells the story of a couple who wake up to discover that the country they live in has been sold to a multinational company known as the Pan-Atlantic Northern Conglomerate. At their door is Scott Holmes, one of the hired “Transition Specialists” whos job it is to speak with each household and put them at ease, while supplying them with their new identification documents and answering questions about their place in what is now know as Newmerico.

For the project to secure one of these production grants, people must vote for the project at:

Voting goes from April 3rd to April 6th and you are able to vote for up to 5 projects each day. We would love your support to put Newmerico into full production!