Watch Jetlag Here

As it has completed its festival run, you can now watch my first short film, Jetlag on Vimeo!

Jetlag sprung from pure desire to make a film. I didn’t care if it was the best idea or the most perfect concept, I just wanted to make something, anything that taught me how to make a movie and get it completed.

To do that I knew I’d have to take on the task of writing a short film, building the story around material and a location I had available to me. While I had directed animation before, live action presented a substantial set of challenges.

I was concerned about recording audio in a less than ideal situation, so I paired the story’s dialogue down as thin as I possibly could. I also had to learn how best to diffuse and reflect light to flatter the performers, while operating on a very thin budget

Making the film was an incredible learning experience, personally taking on the challenges of screenwriting, prep, photography, direction, editing, post production, and even music licensing.

I was supported by a fantastic crew of people who mostly volunteered their time and helped me when I needed it most. From script to screen I’m very proud of the work we all put in.

I hope you enjoy watching it!